Sandra Furlic

TripShooter Photographer in Vienna

Sandra Furlic TripShooter Vacation Photographer in Vienna“You’ll never regret having a photograph, but may someday be sorry not to have one,” says Sandra.

Sandra is a professional photographer. Yet for her this is not just a profession, but her greatest passion that she practices with a lot of love. For her, a life without photography is impossible to imagine.

Sandra recognises that standing in front of the camera may initially be demanding. But by meeting this challenge, many people report increased self-esteem and self-confidence. As a result, she feels that a photo session has the potential to bring a lot of positive outcomes in people’s lives.

Sandra speaks German, English and Italian.


What do you love best about your city?

I was born in Vienna. This is a city that I love and know best.

Why did you become a photographer?

I graduated at Prague Photographic School Austria and Photographic School Vienna. Since 2007 I have run a photographic business. In the last few years I have focused on kids and family photography.


Sandra's Work