Ludovic Magnoux

TripShooter Photographer in Madrid

Ludovic Magnoux TripShooter Photographer in Madrid

Ludo started photography in 1994 at the University of San Francisco (USA), where he obtained a Bachelor of Art.

After working in distinguished photography studios in Northern California, he moved to Amsterdam to further develop his career in advertising photography. In 1999 he moved to Madrid. Now he specialises in wedding, corporate and product photography.

Ludo speaks French, Spanish and English fluently.


What do you love best about your city?

Madrid is a very cosmopolitan city. Also I love that every neighbourhood has its own personality, like a lot of small villages within a big city. The Madrid people are very open and friendly.

Why did you become a photographer?

Being able to “freeze” little bits of time in one’s life is what fascinates me about photography. I always liked photography but never sought it as a career. To tell you the truth, I was studying marine biology but as I moved from another state and it was too late to register, I enrolled in a photography course for the meanwhile… I ended up loving it and decided to go on.

Three words to describe your style of photography:

My style of photography could be described as a mix of fine art and photojournalism.

Most memorable photo shoot?

It was an engagement session where the future groom wanted to do the shoot together with his girlfriend and his horse; his “second love”. The problem is that the bride hates horses and it seemed like the horse had the same feeling towards her. The horse did everything to make that clear and even literally threw her off his back.

Your muse.

I would say that my family is my muse, especially my two little ones. Every time I look at them I remember one main privilege I have doing the work that I do; the chance to capture unrepeatable moments and memories that will be treasured for the years to come…