Jade Riviére

TripShooter Photographer in Paris

Jade Maitre

Jade Maitre is a photographer with passion. She never spends a day without her camera.

A photographer and former curator for Getty Images, she also has a deep love for the art of photography, having taught photography skills to children in Brazil, conducted photo art projects, won prizes and exhibited in three countries. She has also been photographing the lives of four people for the last five years, taking a photo a day, every day from birth.

Jade brings this passion to her professional work, where she loves the challenges of capturing people’s experiences in a way that is intimate, natural and celebrates their sense of love and discovery. Whether travelling or in familiar surrounds, this emphasis on capturing authentic experiences in a way that is visually stunning has led her to co-create TripShooter.

Currently living in Paris, Jade loves to capture images expressing the history and romance that is everywhere in this very special city. She particularly loves the magic of Montmartre, the warmth of Paris under snow, and the explosion of gardens in springtime.

She speaks English and French, and looks forward to meeting you!


What do you love best about your city?

The history – it feels layered in the buildings, on the streets and it’s just something in the air. Paris is the kind of place where I could never be bored.

Why did you become a photographer?

I have always loved photography, but it’s become a more serious obsession as time has gone on. When each of my four children were born and I decided to start documenting every day of their life, it really challenged me to see every day in a creatively different way, and to master the beauty of light so that moments were never lost.

Three words to describe your style of photography:

Authentic, natural, intimate.

Most memorable photo shoot?

I spent three days photographing 130 children at play. I had around five minutes to get to know each one, and establish a connection that would allow me to grasp their personality and vivacity in photos that their parents would love. It was so fast-paced and authentic. They were so natural and open to connecting with this funny stranger pushing an enormous camera towards them. At the end I had a treasure trove of childhood, and they remain some of my proudest professional images.

Your muse.

My 4 Petits Garcons.