Elle & Matt

TripShooter Photographer in Stockholm

Elin and Martin Elliott TripShooter Destination Photographers in Sweden

Elin and Martin are a creative duo. They live in Stockholm where they have a photographic studio and business. They are members of the Swedish Photographers’ Association.

They speak English, German, Italian and a bit of French.


What do you love best about your city?

Stockholm is a fantastic city for photo shoots with lots of water, parks and playgrounds. Not to mention the City Hall and Old Town, two perfect places for both tourism and dramatic photographic backdrops.

Why did you become photographers?

We both love photographing people! When the pictures are brilliant, they reveal emotions and tell a lot about the people that very day. We want to capture true emotions, moments of joy – moments of life. Therefore we like shooting pictures of people in action, not only focusing on the camera. We like to include the environment but also close ups.

Three words to describe your style of photography:

Natural, spacious, intimate.

Most memorable photo shoot?

One of the most memorable photoshoots we did was with a family with two kids, one of them being in a terrible, terrible mood – me and my husband managed to get fantastic photos by distracting her with games. It worked very well! As rule we love to interact a lot with our models!

Your muse.

Our kids are the main reason why we always photograph, although we both love shapes, lines and colors when it comes to photography. Kids are a great motivation for wanting to capture things as they are – we love true memories!